ASEF Tutorial Program

An approach that focuses on the individual, his intellectual and personal growth. It is based on work in small groups of ASEF Fellows led by an individual tutor (i.e. a professor) in the field of Fellow’s study. Each group works on the chosen topic followed by autonomous research and essay writing. At the meetings, Fellows present their essays and discuss ideas with other Fellows and the Tutor. Tutorial meetings are held once per month.

Three times a year, discussions in the form of round tables occur, where interdisciplinary views on a selected topic are confronted. At the end of the year, we organize a symposium and publish a publication of a collection of papers.

Fields: Biochemistry and Chemistry / Biotechnology / Computer Science / Political Science and Sociology / Humanities Physics

ASEF Tutorial program is made possible with the help of BIA Separations.

Main topic 2021/2022: Sustainable Development Goals

Starting in September 2021