ASEF Tutorial Program

ASEF Tutorial Program is a program that focuses on the individual, their intellectual and personal growth. It is based on ASEF Junior Fellows working in small groups led by an individual tutor (i.e. professor) in the their field of study. Each group works on a chosen topic, followed by independent research and essay writing. Fellows present their essays and discuss ideas with other fellows and their mentor at the monthly meetings.

Round tables where discussions of interdisciplinary views on the chosen topic are held three times a year. At the end of the year, ASEF organizes a symposium and publishes a collection of the contributions made during the year. The head of the ASEF Tutorial Program is Rok Sekirnik, Ph. D.

Tutor groups 2022/2023

In the academic year 2022/2023, each of the six groups chose one of the goals of sustainable development as defined by the United Nations (UN).

Biochemistry and Chemistry

Tutor: prof. dr. Zdenko Časar
Selected topic: Industry and innovation
Participating Junior Fellows: 

  • Meta Kodrič
  • Jona Novljan
  • Domen Pregeljc
  • Jure Rebselj
  • Martin Rihtaršič

Biology and Medicine

Tutor: dr. med. Ana Ramovš
Selected topic: Industry, innovation and infrastructure; Responsible consumption and production
Participating Junior Fellows:

  • Denis Štepihar
  • Nastja Turkanović
  • Tadej Jerončič
  • Jakob Timotej Stojanov Konda

Physics and mathematics

Tutor: izr. prof. dr. Sašo Grozdanov
Selected topic: Affordable and clean energy
Participating Junior Fellows:

  • Natan Dominko Kobilica
  • Gregor Kržmanc
  • Maruša Lekše
  • Matej Neumann


Tutor: prof. dr. Ivan Bratko
Selected topic: Affordable and clean energy
Participating Junior Fellows:

  • Žiga Donik
  • Timotej Klemenčič
  • Domen Mohorčič
  • David Nabergoj
  • Sara Oblak
  • Anja Šurina
  • Anja Zdovc


Tutor: izr. prof. dr. Aleksandra Gregorič
Selected topic: The impact of the ESG factor on investments
Participating Junior Fellows:

  • Matej Škerlep

Art and Social Sciences

Tutor: Robert Dolinar
Selected topic: Sustainable cities and communities
Participating Junior Fellows:

  • Nuša Dijak
  • Arjana Savarin

Past events

The ASEF Tutorial Program is made possible with the help of kind donations and with the support of the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth. The development of the program takes place in cooperation with the Center for Tutorial Teaching from Oxford.