Junior Fellows


ASEF fellowship programs provide student financial and other
support, allowing fellows to focus on their research.

The purpose of the fellowship program is to strengthen research and study exchange between Slovenia and other countries to give talented Slovenian students the ability to realize their potential to the fullest.

Junior Fellowship

Research Abroad

3 year program
10 week research visit
Collaboration with other Fellows
Attend regular lectures & ASEF Events
“I’m honoured to be granted the opportunity to visit prof. Urška Velikonja at the Georgetown University in Washington D.C.”
Sara Ermenc, Faculty of Law
Junior Fellowship

Visit Slovenia

1 year program
Visit Slovenia
10 week intership
Slovenian University, Research Institution or Company
“My visit to Slovenia has been a dream come true. Getting to reconnect with my Slovenian heritage while building my career in music in the incredible city of Ljubljana is already making this one of the greatest summers of my life.”
Matthew Fitzsimmons, The New York Conservatory of Music

ASEF enhances Slovenian education activities and unites Slovenian scholars and educators globally.