Generation 2023

Mije Von Merta-Sustarich

Inspired by the death of her mother, grandmother, and aunt all from cancer, Mije Von Merta-Sustarich attended the University of California, Berkeley. Mije would go on to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Biochemistry with the hopes her education would help her combat the disease. She has high hopes for a

Ariel Olivari Opeka

Ariel Olivari Opeka is an industrial engineer and has a master´s degree in Business Administration. He currently works in the area of Research, Development, and Innovation for the Argentinian National Railway Company. His grandparents were Slovenian and he grew up in a family that kept their culture, values, and traditions alive and shared a deep

Zarja Miovic

Zarja Miovic recently received her Bachelor of Science degree from Rutgers University, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences in New Jersey, during which she also completed her senior research project at a Virology Laboratory, in the Plant Biology Department. She is determined to continue her academic career by attending graduate school in microbial biology, with a particular

Daniel Leber

Daniel Leber is an Argentinian visual artist and art historian. He did his degree in Visual Arts at the University of Buenos Aires. He also is a teacher in secondary and higher education in the field of art. He was part of the renowned Artists Program at Torcuato Di Tella University in 2012. Daniel was

Matias Juhant

Matías Alejandro Juhant is a Ph.D. student of biology at the University of Tucumán, Argentina, and his academic research aims to understand how nature works and how the different elements of ecosystems interact to keep a system in balance using birds of prey (hawks, eagles, and falcons) as a model species. He completed his Bachelor’s

Matías D. Zakelj

Matias D. Zakelj recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in molecular biology and biotechnology. While he was attending university, Matias formed part of different projects inside the biological field, working with hummingbirds and bacteria alike. He aims to one day establish his own laboratory in order to study and better comprehend

Andrés Klemen

Andrés Klemen studied Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires and graduated in 2021. He has been working as a multimedia designer for the past 5 years in diverse educational institutions such as universities and schools. His audiovisual training combined with his passion for design has led him to merge both worlds

Amalia Blood

Amalia Blood is a third-year undergraduate student at Barnard College of Columbia University, where she is majoring in Economics (Political Economy Track) with a minor in Political Science.  Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Amalia’s love for Slovenia and Slovenian culture began young and was fostered through her experiences in Slovenian language school at St. Vitus Parish,

Alexandra Vombergar

Alexandra Vombergar is a second-year undergraduate student at the Ohio State University, where she is pursuing a double major in health and rehabilitation sciences and public health, with the ultimate goal of becoming a physician assistant. Alexandra is deeply passionate about health equity and has worked extensively with underprivileged, at-risk, and migrant youth to bridge