Matías D. Zakelj

Matias D. Zakelj recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in molecular biology and biotechnology. While he was attending university, Matias formed part of different projects inside the biological field, working with hummingbirds and bacteria alike. He aims to one day establish his own laboratory in order to study and better comprehend genetic disorders and protein misfolding. Matias believes that the opportunity that was given to him by the ASEF Fellowship will allow him to gain relevant experience in the industry outside academia, and will expand his knowledge in the scientific field.

Moreover, he is excited to do all of this while being able to visit Slovenia. This will help him better understand his heritage, culture, and learn the language that was passed on from his grandparents. Once finished, Matias wants to help other students with similar backgrounds connect with ASEF and help them grow professionally. In his free time, Matias enjoys listening to music, watching sports, and going to the gym. He also enjoys learning new things and meeting new people with different cultural backgrounds.