Mije Von Merta-Sustarich

Inspired by the death of her mother, grandmother, and aunt all from cancer, Mije Von Merta-Sustarich attended the University of California, Berkeley. Mije would go on to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Biochemistry with the hopes her education would help her combat the disease. She has high hopes for a long and promising career in an ever-growing field of medical research and development.

She will begin her next steps by going abroad to Slovenia, where she will be working under Dr. Barbara Breznik at the National Institute of Genetic Toxicology and Cancer. Mije is a proud third-generation Slovenian-American, serving as Secretary to the Slovene National Benefit Society Lodge 304 of San Francisco. Additionally, Mije has been engaging in Muay Thai for over 13 years and is a certified personal trainer with accreditation from the Ministry of Education of Thailand for her accomplishments in the sport of Muay Thai.