Daniel Leber

Daniel Leber is an Argentinian visual artist and art historian. He did his degree in Visual Arts at the University of Buenos Aires. He also is a teacher in secondary and higher education in the field of art. He was part of the renowned Artists Program at Torcuato Di Tella University in 2012. Daniel was also the recipient of the Oxenford Foundation grant in 2019 and the Argentine National Foundation of Arts in 2013 and 2020. In 2021 he won the Itau Bank Prize with his work “Un Ángel del Tiempo”. Daniel studied in depth the work of Joaquin Torres Garcia, Federico Manuel Peralta Ramos, and Liliana Maresca, significant Latin American artists of the 20th century. His recent exhibitions are “Idea Fija” at Calvaresi Contemporáneo (September, 2022), “Leberinto” at Isla Flotante (Buenos Aires, 2021), and “Pedo Místico” at PM Galería (Buenos Aires, 2020).

In his work, he builds images articulating the pictorial and graphic fields taking the nature of symbols as an axis. He pursues his own worldview starting from the guidelines of South American modern artists related to spiritual and political merges, establishing dialogues with his own Slovenian heritage. As an ASEF Junior Fellow, Daniel will continue his research on Slovenian decorated beehive panels under the mentorship of Dr. Barbara Ivančič Kutin from the Institute of Slovenian Ethnology SRC SASA.