Generation 2019

Veršič Sabina

Sabina Veršič is a PhD student of Economic and Business Sciences at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor, working in the field of Strategic Management and Company Policy. Her primary research interest is Strategic Management, in particular the impact of perceived changes in the multidimensional ecosystem of the company’s (external) environment on

Uršič Urša

Urša Uršič is a physics student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Ljubljana. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in 2018/19 and decided to take a year off from her studies to participate in research exchange. She completed a six-month internship in Luxembourg working with liquid crystals. Prof. Boštjan Kobe at

Tušar Anja

Anja Tušar is currently finishing an MSc in Biotechnology at the University of Ljubljana after completing a BSc in Microbiology. Her laboratory work for her master’s thesis was done under the supervision of prof. dr. Roman Jerala at the National Institute of Chemistry, where she acquired knowledge and experience in the field of recombinant protein

Škrjanc Lenart

Lenart Škrjanc is a 6th-year student of dental medicine at the Medical Faculty in Ljubljana. For as long as he remembers he has been enthusiastic about the function of the human body, natural sciences as well as handwork, technical work, aesthetics, working with people and everyday challenges brought by the profession of a dentist. He

Suhadolnik Aljaž

Aljaž Suhadolnik is a graduate student of Management on School of Economics and Business (Faculty of Economics), at the University of Ljubljana. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics with specialization in Entrepereneurship. In order to gain additional knowledge, he did course work in Logistics, Finance, Strategy and Business Communication. Aljaž possesses extensive

Prešern Uroš

Uroš Prešern is a third-year undergraduate Biochemistry student at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana. His current research is focused on the structural characterization of the complex between EGFR and EpCAM, which are two transmembrane proteins overexpressed in carcinoma. He is very grateful to ASEF for the opportunity to spend his

Panić Damjan

Damjan Panić received a degree in Control Systems at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. He is now a postgraduate student of Robotics at the same faculty. He is particularly interested in the field of Human-Robot interaction. During his studies, he was involved in a few projects in this field of science. Since

Oštrek Andraž

Andraž Oštrek is a second-cycle chemistry student at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology (FCCT), University of Ljubljana. He participated at the International Chemistry Olympiad when he was in high school. During his studies, he did practical training in the field of fluoro-chemistry (dr. Matic Lozinšek, Jožef Stefan Institute), completed a Bachelor’s degree in

Obšteter Jana

Jana Obšteter is currently working at the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia and doing a PhD at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana. She obtained her BSc in Biotechnology from the University of Ljubljana and her MSc in Quantitative Genetics and Genome Analysis from the University of Edinburgh. While her previous work focused on human genetics,