Anamarija Šporčič

Department of English, Faculty of Arts Ljubljana

Anamarija Šporčič is a TA in the field of English-language literatures at the Department of English, Faculty of Arts (University of Ljubljana). She received her bachelor’s degree in English and doctoral degree in literary studies (within the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in the Humanities and Social Sciences) from the institution where she now teaches. She was awarded the Justin Bates Memorial Scholarship to study at St Mary’s College of Maryland as an undergraduate in 2006 and returned to lecture as a visiting scholar in 2018. Her research interests are currently focused on British and Irish literature of the late 19th century, with particular emphasis on Aestheticism, Decadence and the works of Oscar Wilde and Algernon Charles Swinburne. Her publications also cover research in the field of Metamodernism, Postmodernism, Posthumanism and Postgenderism, as well as LGBTQ, science fiction and fantasy literature. Irish literature and culture have long been her passions and she regularly cooperates with the Irish Embassy in Ljubljana, organising various lectures and cultural events. She is the Departmental Student Exchange Coordinator, head of the English Department’s theatre club Yonder, yonder, salamander!, and has received the Faculty of Arts Student Council Award for Pedagogical Excellence in 2021.