Sašo Grozdanov

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana and Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, University of Edinburgh

Sašo Grozdanov is an associate professor of physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Ljubljana and at the Higgs Center for Theoretical Physics at the University of Edinburgh. He received his BA from Harvard University, his MA from Cambridge University and his PhD from Oxford University. After his studies, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Leiden and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His broad interest is to discover the laws that govern physics using theoretical and mathematical methods ranging from low to high energies: from hydrodynamics to quantum field theory, gravity and black holes, and string theory. His work has focused heavily on studying the dynamics of hot collective states that behave like liquids and plasmas. An example of such a state is the quark-gluon plasma that filled the early universe and can now be created in particle accelerators.