Generation 2020

Urbančič Natasha Ianina

Natasha Ianina Urbančič is a 28 years old teacher with a certificate in early childhood education from the “Instituto Superior Docente Santo Domingo de Ramos Mejía”, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She defines herself as a proactive, enthusiastic, sociable and collaborative, always committed to her work and trying to innovate with new strategies about different educational theories.

Magister Nadia

Nadia Magister was born in Bariloche, a beautiful Argentinian town at the bottom of the Andes Cordillera, surrounded by mountains, the Nahuel Huapi Lake, and nature all around. Her four grandparents were born in Slovenia, and because of WW2, they had to leave their homes. They arrived in the big city of Buenos Aires, but

Sebernich Mariela Belén

Mariela Belén Sebernich is an architect and teaches drawing and painting. She’s a Slovenian descendent from her father’s side. Her great grandparents Juan Sebernich and Maria Podversic arrived in Argentina in the first immigration of 1880 with their children, among them, her great grandfather Angel Sebernich. Currently, she finds herself working as an administrator in

Grohar Mariana Cecilia

Mariana Cecilia Grohar is a Ph.D. student in Botany. Born and raised in Buenos Aires in a Slovenian family, she is now looking to continue her professional development in Slovenia. After ten years of research experience in plant taxonomy and morphology, she is particularly interested in the description and management of endangered or invasive plant

Soledad Barrionuevo María

María Soledad Barrionuevo is about to get her degree in History at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), where she is also an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant in the chairs of Sociology and History of Spain. Soledad has participated in research projects in History and has written articles and papers about Primož Trubar and Janez Vajkard

Puntín Julieta Natalí

Julieta Natalí Puntín is a teacher of English graduated in 2018 from UADER (Universidad Autónoma de Entre Rios) Argentina. As an educator of a second and foreign language, she works at primary, secondary schools and also at a private institute of English learning. Julieta finds teaching a life-learning practice that cannot be but understood also

Scasserra José Ignacio

José Ignacio Scasserra graduated from Buenos Aires University in February of 2017 with his BA in Philosophy. He worked in multiple pedagogical programs, with children and teenagers from vulnerable neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. He is currently finishing his master’s degree thesis in Interdisciplinary subjectivity studies and starting his Ph.D. in Philosophy. His investigations go on

Turk David

David Turk is a third-year undergraduate student at Saint Louis University, on the pre-medical studies track. He will be interviewing this fall for early acceptance into Saint Louis University School of Medicine. David performs research at Saint Louis University, where he is working on developing a novel Hemoglobin C detection “tube drop” method for use

Grbec Dalma Lorena

Dalma Lorena Grbec is a Public Accountant, graduated from the Argentinian University of Business (UADE). She is next to finish an MBA in Business Management at the University of Cema in Buenos Aires. Dalma is specialized in SMEs companies, and her final research concerns innovation management applied on mature SMEs, particularly in emerging economies. She