Puntín Julieta Natalí

Julieta Natalí Puntín is a teacher of English graduated in 2018 from UADER (Universidad Autónoma de Entre Rios) Argentina. As an educator of a second and foreign language, she works at primary, secondary schools and also at a private institute of English learning. Julieta finds teaching a life-learning practice that cannot be but understood also as a day-to-day challenge. Apart from teaching, Julieta has been involved in sport; specifically, she has participated in volleyball, beach volleyball, and snow volleyball competitions in Argentina and in other countries as well. She enjoys nature, travelling, sports, and sharing some “mates” while making friends.

As regards her connection to Slovenia, Julieta is a fourth-generation Slovenian descendant in Argentina after her great grandfather’s arrival in the 1880s. She has been participating in different activities held by the “Triglav” Association of Slovenian descendants in Entre Rios, and she has always dreamt of visiting this distant country, and appreciating in person its history, culture, language and essence.

She is grateful to ASEF for opening this door to a unique learning adventure. It is her firm belief that she will be encountering a myriad of opportunities and acquiring first-hand knowledge, values and experiences at a personal and professional level. Her visit will take place in Ljubljana at Erudio High School, where she will be able to exchange and share experiences, and most importantly, to gain knowledge from qualified and highly trained educators in all aspects of teaching and learning. Indeed, this Fellowship Program means improvement and growth, which will definitely mark her life for good.