Urbančič Natasha Ianina

Natasha Ianina Urbančič is a 28 years old teacher with a certificate in early childhood education from the “Instituto Superior Docente Santo Domingo de Ramos Mejía”, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She defines herself as a proactive, enthusiastic, sociable and collaborative, always committed to her work and trying to innovate with new strategies about different educational theories. Her grandparents from father’s side were born in Slovenia. From her mother’s side, her grandfather was born in Pennsylvania, United States of America, and her grandmother was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but they both moved to Slovenia during their childhood. Natasha’s whole family grew around the Slovenian culture. Throughout the generations, they worked to preserve the traditions and language of that beautiful country. From a very young age, she attended the Slovenian Club of the City of San Justo, Buenos Aires, and participated in many events that the Club held.

She also assisted at the France Balantič Slovenian primary school and at Slovenian High School Marko Bajuk, where she solidified her knowledge of the Slovenian language. Professional growth is one of her priorities; she considers that participating in the Fellowship will provide her tools and knowledge to be the best teacher she can be. She is very excited about learning from the Slovenian educational system and spending time in the homeland of her grandparents. Next December, Natasha will be attending the Dr. France Prešeren Kindergarten, located in Ljubljana. She is going to meet the Principal Maja Kunaver and work on the Fellowship details, which includes gaining knowledge about different learning disorders. She is incredibly grateful for this Fellowship experience!