Slapničar Sergeja

Associate Professor of Accounting, University of Queensland

Sergeja Slapničar is Associate Professor of Accounting within the University of Queensland Business School. She researches the effects of accountability, performance measurement and incentivising on employee motivation, risk-taking, and cognition; recently, she is interested in how they apply in cyber security risk management. She has published in accounting, finance and psychology outlets. She’s held directorships and advisory roles in several public interest entities, served as a member of the Board of the Slovenian Agency for Public Oversight of Auditing and as a Chairwoman of the Slovenian statutory dispute resolution body.

Research projects: Sergeja’s recent research interests focus on the effects of accountability, performance measuring and risk management in cyber security. In the next academic year, she invites a student with either information system, computer science, accounting, finance, or business analytics background to join her on the projects addressing the value of digital assets, quantification of cyber risk and cybersecurity risk management and governance.