Krainc Dimitri

Professor of Neurology, Northwestern University

Dimitri Krainc is the Ward Professor and Chairman of the Davee Department of Neurology, Director of the Feinberg Neuroscience Institute and Director of the Simpson Querrey Center for Neurogenetics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. He has dedicated his scientific career to studying molecular pathways in the pathogenesis of neurodegeneration. Informed by genetic causes of disease, his work has uncovered key mechanisms across different neurodegenerative disorders that have led to pioneering design and development of targeted therapies. He is an elected member of the Association of American Physicians, the National Academy of Medicine, and the National Academy of Inventors. He is the principal founding scientist of two biotech companies and serves as Venture Partner at OrbiMed. Krainc is President-elect of the American Neurological Association.

Research projects: The overarching goal of Dr. Krainc’s research is to study molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration focusing on Parkison’s and Huntington’s disease and to facilitate the development of targeted therapies in this area. Prospective students can work in the area of neurogenetics, cell and molecular biology.