Bračič Ana

Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, Michigan State University

Prof. Bračič joined the Political Science department at Michigan State University in Fall 2019. She is a co-founder of Community Engagement + Experiments Lab at the University of Oklahoma and a member of the Minority Politics Initiative at Michigan State. Prof. Bračič earned her PhD from the Politics Department at NYU in 2013.

Research projects: Her research is predominantly in the field of comparative politics, and focuses on questions of human rights, discrimination, the persistence of social exclusion, and ground-level effectiveness of human rights institutions, such as NGOs. Most of her research relies on lab-in-field & survey experiments. In order to gather data from severely underrepresented populations, such as the Roma in Central Europe, Prof. Bračič uses innovative approaches to measurement, like videogames. In addition to working on their own research, the ASEF fellow would take part in a multi-week project preparing for and fielding an election exit poll in East Lansing, in fall 2020.