Generation 2023

Ignacio Scasserra José

José Ignacio Scasserra is an Argentinian philosophy teacher. He did his master’s degree in Interdisciplinary studies of subjectivity at the Buenos Aires University. He worked in different pedagogical programs with children and teenagers from vulnerable neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. Currently he is doing his PhD in Philosophy. His research is on the topis of ethics,

Vidmar Tim

Tim is completing his Master’s degree in Business Informatics at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana. During his studies, he took part in an Erasmus+ exchange at the University of Augsburg, Germany. He is currently working at Deloitte

Alif Živa

Živa Alif is a PhD student of Economics of Natural Resources at the University of Ljubljana, focusing her research on the social aspects of nature conservation in farmland – in other words, trying to convince farmers to protect biodiversity on their farms. She completed a research masters in ecology, evolution and conservation at Imperial College

Brilej Žana

Žana Brilej is completing her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Ljubljana. During her studies, she developed an interest in biochemistry and began research at the Department of Synthetic Biology and Immunology at the Institute of Chemistry, where she researched potential prototypes of agents for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2. She later joined other

Logonder Tina

Tina Logonder is a master’s student in biochemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the University of Ljubljana. She is currently doing laboratory work in the biotechnology company Acies Bio as part of her master’s thesis. The work focuses on the preparation and characterization of Yarrowia lipolytica yeast strains with altered lipid

Samotorčan Leon

Leon is a second year Master’s student of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Ljubljana. He completed his undergraduate studies defending his diploma thesis in which he worked on efficient computation of subgraph isomorphism. As part of the ASEF fellowship program Research Abroad, Leon will visit prof. Jure Leskovec at Stanford University. He

Snoj Lara

Lara Snoj is a MSc student of Laboratory Biomedicine at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana. She is currently part of a research group at the Institute for Special Laboratory Diagnostics at the Pediatric Clinics in Ljubljana, where she is working on her master’s thesis. She is studying the genetic background of autosomal dominant

Horvat Katja

Katja Horvat is a Master student of Biotechnology at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana. In collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Medicine she has performed gene expression analysis of patients with coronary artery disease, the results of which were published in the scientific article in Journal of Cardiovascular Development and

Žabkar Ines

Ines Žabkar is a 6th-year medical student at the University of Ljubljana. Her area of interest lies mainly in the field of neurodegenerative diseases. During her studies so far, she researched the influence of estrogen on the expression of genes related to Parkinson’s disease, for which she received the faculty’s research (Prešeren) award. She presented