Snoj Lara

Lara Snoj is a MSc student of Laboratory Biomedicine at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana. She is currently part of a research group at the Institute for Special Laboratory Diagnostics at the Pediatric Clinics in Ljubljana, where she is working on her master’s thesis. She is studying the genetic background of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, a rather rare disease, caused by a mutation in PKD1 gene which, undetected, leads to an end-stage renal failure. During her undergraduate and graduate studies, Lara gained many practical skills and upgraded her knowledge by attending Erasmus+ traineeship programe in Malta. She also received a recognition for her scholarly achievements from her faculty. Lara is looking forward to joining the laboratory of prof. Klementina Fon Tacer at the School of Veterinary Medicine, Texas Tech University, where she will acquire new knowledge in the field of cancer genetics and development. She believes this experience is going to enable her personal and professional growth. At her home university, Lara also volunteers as a tutor to younger generations, helping them with her advice and experiences. She likes to spend her free time with her dogs and friends in nature. She is always up for a good hike, run or any other sports activity.