Ignacio Scasserra José

José Ignacio Scasserra is an Argentinian philosophy teacher. He did his master’s degree in Interdisciplinary studies of subjectivity at the Buenos Aires University. He worked in different pedagogical programs with children and teenagers from vulnerable neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. Currently he is doing his PhD in Philosophy. His research is on the topis of ethics, education, gender studies, and the construction of subjectivity in current times. He publishes in both academic and non academic media. In 2022 a story he wrote about Slovenia got a mention on an Argentinian literature award. He is fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. In 2020, José was an ASEF Junior Fellow in the program “Visit Slovenia”, where he developed part of his research work with his mentor Prof. Vojko Strahovnik, studied Slovenian language, and got to deliver two classes at the University of Ljubljana. Now, he has been selected for the “Research Abroad” program, during which he will continue working with Prof. Peter Verovšek at the University of Groningen, Netherlands. In his free time, José loves writing and reading literature, studying languages, and working out at the swimming pool or running in the park.