Jure Zupan

Zupan Jure

Professor of Physics, University of Cincinnati

Jure Zupan is Professor of Physics at the University of Cincinnati, working in theoretical high energy physics. He completed his PhD in 2002 at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Prof. Zupan was a postdoctoral fellow at Technion, Haifa, Israel (2002-2004), Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh,PA (2004-2006), CERN, Geneva, Switzerland (2007-2009). He is also editor in chief of popular science web portal & magazine Kvarkadabra (in Slovenian language), coauthor of four popular science books, and participant in a collective blog.

Research projects: Theoretical particle physics with emphasis on rare processes involving flavor changing neutral currents, the properties of dark matter both in direct and indirect detection, as well as collider physics, including Higgs physics. Major common themes are searches beyond the standard model, uses of effective field theories, and applications of machine learning.