Dragoš Anna

Senior Research Associate at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana

Anna was born in Poland, she obtained MSc in biotechnology (2009) at the University of Wroclaw, then she spent a year working at Bacteriophage Laboratory in Wroclaw, at the Institute for Immunology and Experimental Therapy (part of Polish Academy of Science). In 2010 she moved to University of Ljubljana in Slovenia to begin her PhD in Biological Sciences as a Young Researcher. After graduation (2014), she received Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship and moved to Friedrich Schiller University in Jena (Germany) to work as a postdoc (2015-2017) in field of bacterial experimental evolution. Next, she spent nearly 4 years at Technical University of Denmark, working first as H.C. Oersted fellow, and then as a research at Center of Excellence for Microbial Secondary Metabolites, developing research line on bacteriophages. She returned to Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana in 2021 to start a research group. Since 2022 she is leading an international group funded by ERC Starting Grant, fusing on interactions between bacteria and bacteriophages. She also gives lectures in several courses (e.g. Bacteriophages), and works as departmental Erasmus coordinator. She published several important research papers in the field of bacterial experimental evolution and phage- host ecology, she is active at international level, engaging in conference lectures, grant review panels, or hosting researchers from other labs.

Research projects and work environment: We explore interactions between bacteria and, so called temperate phages –viruses that can integrate into bacterial genome and influence their host in many ways. We use classical bacteriology and phage biology methods, molecular methods, cell and phage imaging and bioinformatics. We work in new, well-equipped and well-organized laboratories, including state-of-the microscopy platform for super-resolution and live imaging. We brainstorm on weekly group meetings, journal clubs and other social activities. The group consists of 6 nationalities, including researchers at different career stage from undergraduate students to postdocs. Lab is located in beautiful green campus, close to departments of biology and microbiology, the ZOO, and faculty dining place with delicious Slovenian home-made food.