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Interview With Prof. Dr. Ivan Bratko
“It would be good if the latest chess programs could explain their decisions in a...
Financial Webinar With Dr. Marinka ŽItnik
ASEF professor dr. Marinka Žitnik, assistant professor of biomedical informatics at Harvard...
Episode #1 of ASEF Podcast About Habitability of Moons
In Episode #1 of the ASEF Podcast Prof. Seljak spoke about habitability of Moons. Prof. Seljak is a...
Interview With Prof. Michael Biggins: “Slovenia Is Small, but Its Literature Is Not.”
Conversation with prof. Michael Biggins, a member of the ASEF Advisory Board and the recipient of...
Jan 06, 2021
Wrapping up 2020, Radio Interview With Dr. Jure Leskovec
In this year’s first broadcast of the show To Slovenes Around the World on the First Program...

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You Can Provide Life Opportunities to Young Talents in Slovenia and the World by Donating Part of Your Income Tax
ASEF is an American Slovenian education foundation that supports a diverse community of talented...