Get to know the ASEF Podcast guests [Episode 19]

May 12, 2023

The new episode of the ASEF Podcast hosts Tone Stanovnik, founder and CEO of Špica International, a regional leader in Time Management and Access Control focusing on Workforce Management, Supply Chain Management, Sales Force Automation, and Asset Management. He used to lead the department for the development of products and solutions based on barcode technology in Mikrohit, the first microcomputer company in Slovenia. Now he is considered a pioneer and a connoisseur of systems based on automatic identification technologies. He is a co-founder of a network of five Špica companies in the Adriatic region and a promoter of Slovenian ICT exports through the ZITex section of the GZS. He is currently responsible for the strategic breakthrough of Špica into the wider CEE area.

On the podcast he was interviewed by ASEF Junior Fellow Jakob Timotej Stojanov Konda.

They discussed the start of Tone’s entrepreneurial career and its development. He shared his insights into his company’s growth, his views about efficiency and how it can be enhanced, and the many challenges they faced, such as adapting to changes such as migrating from on-premise to cloud models and licensing business models to subscriptions. He also talked about his vision for the field of time management solutions, how he compares the business environment in Slovenia to other countries, the main competitive advantages of Slovenia, and how the Slovenian business environment can be improved.

Episode 19 is available to stream via this link.

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