Research Abroad

Mladenić Grobelnik Adrian

Adrian Mladenić Grobelnik is a junior Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher and engineer at the Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia, and a third-year undergraduate student in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Ljubljana. Specializing in Natural Language Processing and commonsense AI, Adrian has published six papers and completed an internship at Carnegie Mellon University focused

Bračič Veronika

Veronika completed her undergraduate studies in chemistry at the University of Ljubljana, and eager to learn more, she enrolled in a summer school course at Aarhus University, where she was charmed by both Denmark and research on the human brain. Therefore, she continued her education in biochemistry at the University of Copenhagen, where she is

Rožič Miha

Miha Rožič is a fifth-year master’s student of Pharmacy at the University of Ljubljana. He wants to dedicate his research career to drug discovery for incurable diseases. For several years he has been working in the research group of Assoc. Prof. Izidor Sosič, where he developed new potential chimeric molecules (PROTAC) for the treatment of

Igličar Matej

Matej Igličar completed his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. He was a tutor of Roman Law and Criminal Procedural Law, founded a tutoring programme for first-year law students and served as President of the Faculties’ Student Organisation. In addition, he represented the Faculty of Law as a member of the

Jurkovič Martin

Martin is a second-year master’s program student in Data Science at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana. He enrolled in this program after completing his undergraduate studies in Mathematics and Computer Science. In addition to his studies, he gained experience as a researcher at the Jožef Štefan Institute and as an

Djorojević Luka

Luka is currently finishing his master’s degree in Business informatics at the School of Economics and Business at the University in Ljubljana.  His studies have focused mainly on business analytics, digitalization, and information systems in companies. He completed his bachelor’s degree in a very similar field, more specifically in E-commerce at the Faculty of Economics

Kogoj Lena

Lena Kogoj is currently finishing her undergraduate studies in Biochemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the University of Ljubljana. In the following months, she will be collaborating with the National Institute of Chemistry, where she will research the role of RNA in membrane-less organelles as part of her bachelor thesis. The

Anžur Lana Nastja

Lana Nastja Anžur is a second-year PhD student in Environmental Protection and a researcher in the Laboratory of Cultural Heritage Science, both at the University of Ljubljana. Previously, she studied both archaeology and law and completed the specialization program Economics, Management and Digital Technologies applied to Cultural Heritage at Venice International University. As part of

Žavbi Juš

Juš Žavbi finished an MSci in Neuroscience at the University of Nottingham. As a part of studies he conducted a placement at the National Institute of Biology in Slovenia working on the glioblastoma microenvironment. For his masters dissertation he was a part of a research effort looking into protein expression in the schizophrenic brain based