Jurjevič Vesna

Vesna Jurjevič is an MSc student of Molecular and functional biology at the Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana. Currently she is working on her master thesis under the guidance of Dr. Barbara Breznik from the National Institute of Biology in Ljubljana, studying the role of melanoma antigen MAGEC2 protein in glioblastoma and antitumor immune response. As part of the ASEF Research Abroad fellowship her research will continue at the laboratory of prof. Klementina Fon Tacer from the School of Veterinary Medicine at Texas Tech University. Her aim is to enhance the information database on MAGE proteins by exploring glioblastomas and identifying innovative ways of applying this knowledge to create new therapies.

In her spare time, Vesna enjoys spending time outdoors with her friends or working in the educational department of the Ljubljana ZOO, where she gives guided tours and educates visitors about various animal species and conservation.