Bračič Veronika

Veronika completed her undergraduate studies in chemistry at the University of Ljubljana, and eager to learn more, she enrolled in a summer school course at Aarhus University, where she was charmed by both Denmark and research on the human brain. Therefore, she continued her education in biochemistry at the University of Copenhagen, where she is currently completing her master’s thesis on selective autophagy at the Danish Cancer Institute. Due to her immense interest in brain function, she would like to focus her future research on neurodegenerative diseases. As an ASEF Junior Fellow, she will join Dr Jernej Ule’s research group at King’s College London, where she will utilise stem cell differentiation to delve into the role of RNA-protein complexes in neurodegeneration. In her spare time, she tangles her thoughts in the threads of various yarn-related projects, captures moments in the lens of her analogue camera, and drinks unimaginable amounts of tea while reading books.