Sophia Jarc

Sophia is a second year undergraduate student at Purdue University where she is majoring in Industrial Engineering and minoring in Management. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Sophia’s upbringing has been deeply rooted in Slovenian culture, due to the influence of her grandparents, Milena and Joseph Jarc. 

Immersed in her Slovenian heritage from a young age, Sophia attended the Saint Vitus Slovenian School and actively participated in Folklora Kres. Committed to preserving and celebrating her Slovenian roots, Sophia remains an engaged member of Cleveland’s Slovenska Pristava, where she continues to embrace and share in Slovenian tradition. These local experiences have instilled in her a profound appreciation for her heritage. During her visit to Slovenia, Sophia looks forward to gaining an international perspective of the engineering industry. She aspires to use this experience to enhance her problem-solving skills with a global outlook. Amidst reconnecting with family and immersing herself in Slovenian language and culture, Sophia is excited to explore the country while expanding her engineering knowledge and skill set.