Bautista Kraševec

Bautista Kraševec is a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The 23-year-old is keen on every aspect surrounding race cars, from the materials the parts are made of to the dynamics behind each component and everything in between. The Argentinian’s ultimate goal is to make it to Formula 1 one day.

But for Bautista it is not all about his academic journey – along the way he aims to meet wonderful people and get in deep touch with the Slovenian community. For the last 4 years, he has been taking Slovenian language and culture courses that led, together with the legacy of his paternal grandfather, to obtaining his Slovenian citizenship. Bautista is also a huge basketball fan and in his free time he loves being outdoors and playing sports, therefore Triglav will be a good challenge for him. He feels honored to be part of the ASEF family and is looking forward to this unique experience. With the ASEF Junior Fellowship, Bautista not only seeks to boost his academic and professional career but, more importantly, he wants to visit his second nation for the first time and meet his grandfather’s family.