Djorojević Luka

Luka is currently finishing his master’s degree in Business informatics at the School of Economics and Business at the University in Ljubljana.  His studies have focused mainly on business analytics, digitalization, and information systems in companies. He completed his bachelor’s degree in a very similar field, more specifically in E-commerce at the Faculty of Economics & Business at the University in Maribor. During his academic journey, he’s gone on three different international exchanges, all of which have greatly contributed to his personal growth. In his free time, he loves to hike in the mountains or just spend time in nature for as long as possible. At the moment he’s trying to learn how to draw but is still struggling as it’s a lot harder than he had anticipated. 

While on a bilateral exchange at Curtin University in Perth, he had gained a newfound interest in Cybersecurity, due to his courses there. Therefore, he is very excited to be able to visit Prof. Dr. Sergeja Slapničar at the University of Queensland in Australia, where he’ll be able to work with her on cybersecurity risk assessment and expand his knowledge in the field.