ASEF Tutorial Program

Watch the Recording of the Last Round Table of the ASEF Tutorial Program 2022/2023

The third and last rountdable of the ASEF Tutorial Program 2022/2023 has already been held. The Tutorial Program is based on ASEF Junior Fellows working in small groups in the form of independent research, discussion and writing contributions on socially relevant topics, which are led by tutors in individual fields. In the academic year 2022/2023, each of the six tutor groups chose one of the goals of sustainable development as defined by the United Nations (UN).

At the event, which took place on the 14th of July, 2022 ASEF Junior Fellows from six tutoring groups participated by sharing the key findings of their groups:

  • Biochemistry and Chemistry: Meta Kodrič (tutor prof. dr. Zdenko Časar)
  • Physics and Mathematics: Matej Neumann (tutor izr. prof. dr. Sašo Grozdanov)
  • Computer Science: Anja Zdovc (tutor prof. dr. Ivan Bratko)
  • Finance: Matej Škerlep (tutor izr. prof. dr. Aleksandra Gregorič)
  • Biology and Medicine: Jakob Timotej Stojanov Konda (tutor Ana Ramovš, dr. med.)
  • Arts and Social Sciences: Arjana Savarin (tutor Robert Dolinar)

The opening address was given by dr. Rok Sekirnik, Head of ASEF Tutorial Program. The entire event was moderated by Neža Borkovič, presenter at Val 202.

The full recording of the round table is available for viewing now on YouTube.

The event was organized with the support of the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth and kind donations.

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