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The Role of Relationships and Acquaintances When Young People Enter Into the Labor Market

November 20, 2020 | 6:00 pm | Online

On Thursday, 19 November, a popular science lecture was held in which Lucija Dežan, ASEF Fellow 2018 and a young researcher in the field of sociology at ZRS Koper, presented research findings on the entry of young people into the labor market and the role of relationships and acquaintances. In 2018, Lucija paid a research visit to the USA as part of the ASEF scholarship program with doc. dr. Ani Bračič at the University of Oklahoma. In the media and everyday conversations, the negative side of employment through relationships and acquaintances is often highlighted; for example, particularism, discrimination and confinement are at the forefront. Lucija also mentioned the positive side in her lecture; These are faster selection of information, faster involvement of employees, low costs, promotion of mentoring and a greater sense of responsibility of employees. From the quantitative research of young people in Southeast Europe, in which it was included, it can be seen usually there are recommendations (and less to favors) from friends and acquaintances, so the employer can get the best possible candidate. Two other interesting links identified are the following: (1) the more indefinite contracts there are in the country, the less they mean relationships and acquaintances, and (2) the meritocratic criteria are more important in the private sector (compared to the public sector). was organized as part of a series of lectures ASEF young minds, and we connected with the Celje Youth Center. In the ASEF Young Minds project, ASEF connects with local organizations in the youth sector that operate in the places where the lecturers come from. The youth center was presented by Senta Jevšenak, an expert on the program.

The event was part of our ASEF Young Minds program and was moderated by Tadej Satler, ASEF Fellow 2020.