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Second Meeting of the ASEF BioX Reading Group

June 20, 2024 | 11:52 am |

On Wednesday, April 5, the ASEF BioX Reading Group held its second meeting. Tajda Klobučar, 2020 ASEF Junior Fellow, presented the paper “Precise transcript targeting by CRISPR-Csm complexes” from the well-known laboratory of Jennifer Doudna. 

The paper presents a new implementation of the CRISPR system. Instead of the well-known CRISPR/Cas system, it discusses a new method, CRISPR-Csm, which promises to precisely silence both cytoplasmic and nuclear RNA, which has so far had only limited success. It also allows for a significantly reduced amount of non-targeting effects, which would make the method useful in eukaryotic and potentially also human cells. A secondary observation in the paper is also the very specific and strong RNA binding, which makes the system applicable for visualisation in living cells. 

After a very good and illustrative presentation, Fellows had an interesting and lively debate.

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