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Learning to Learn With Stimulating Learning

October 14, 2020 | 6:00 pm | Online

At Benjamin Fele’s ASEF Fellow popular science lecture on Tuesday, 13th October 2020, we were able to get a broader insight and presentable explanations of the basic concepts with which the young lecturer then presented his topic of interest, which he dealt with while writing his master’s thesis.
Benjamin is interested in how machine learning can be accelerated by using knowledge of the learning process. In real life situations, we are faced with ever new problems that we want to solve, while using the knowledge and information we know from before. However, this type of behavior can contribute to machine learning methods, where previously acquired knowledge is transferred, and thus can also speed up the entire learning process. On the basis of the application, when a new problem occurs, we do not start the learning process completely from the beginning, but we can solve the problem much faster precisely because we have prior knowledge arising from data processing in existing databases of other cases. they are similar to human learning.

The event was organized as part of a series of lectures ASEF young minds, and we connected with the Youth Center Litija, which takes care of the development of youth activities in Litija, where the young lecturer comes from. At the event, Tjaša Vidergar, head of MC Litija, presented the youth activities that take place in their premises. The whole event was moderated by Ana Pintar, ASEF Fellow 2020