Junior Fellows

Žana Brilej Exploring the Role of Enzyme Rnase P in California

October 02, 2023

During her 10-week research visit in California, Žana Brilej, ASEF Junior Fellow 2023, had the unique opportunity to delve into the intricate world of molecular biology and investigate the role of essential enzyme Rnase P. This research experience was hosted by the Slovenian professor doctor Jernej Murn, who has a RNA biology lab at one of the leading universities in the USA. 

Rnase P, an endonuclease enzyme, plays an important role in tRNA processing RNA within cells. The aim of Žana’s research visit was to investigate the diverse functions of Rnase P in gene expression, protein synthesis and cell growth. By understanding the mechanisms underlying its activity, we could potentially uncover novel insights into cellular processes and their implications for various physiological and pathological conditions. 

Over the course of 10 weeks, Žana engaged in a series of hands-on experiments and molecular biology techniques. These activities included designing degrod edited cell lines, gene expression analysis and cell growth analysis. Utilizing advanced molecular biology tools, she manipulated RNase P activity in cell lines to observe its effects on cell growth. 

The research visit facilitated extensive collaboration with fellow researchers and mentors. Weekly meetings and discussions provided a platform to share findings and brainstorm ideas. The collaborative atmosphere also broadened her perspectives on contemporary scientific methodologies and approaches in biomedicine. The knowledge Žana gained during this 10-week research visit will undoubtedly influence her academic and professional journey in the field of biomedicine.

ASEF Junior Fellows Research visit