You Can Provide Life Opportunities to Young Talents in Slovenia and the World by Donating Part of Your Income Tax

June 22, 2020

ASEF is an American Slovenian education foundation that supports a diverse community of talented and promising students in building a society of intellectuals and leaders based on excellence, character, and volunteerism. Our goal is to strengthen Slovenian educational activities and unite Slovenian students, professors and researchers around the world. We are currently working with 51 Slovenian professors working at 44 universities in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, New Zealand and Denmark. In 2021, 22 Slovenian students will go on a research visit abroad, and 12 members of the Slovenian community abroad will pay a visit to Slovenia.

We invite you to support the mission of ASEF in providing life opportunities to young talents in Slovenia and around the world by donating part of your income tax! Donation of a part of personal income tax does not cost you anything, as it is a donation that is financed from already paid personal income tax. Learn more about donating part of your income tax