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We are Looking for Slovenian Families in the U.S.

November 18, 2022

With our Fellowship Programs, the American Slovenian Education Foundation is enabling Slovenian students to complete a 10-week research visit under the mentorship of renowned professors at the best universities in the U.S. 

We provide comprehensive support to young students so they can focus on their research work. As it can be difficult for our Fellows to find accommodation, ASEF is now looking for Slovenian families in the U.S. (Bay Area, Ohio, Iowa, Massachusetts, …) that would be willing to host our Fellows during their 10-week research visit. 

Pictured above is Tanja Janko, ASEF Junior Fellow generation 2019, with Pecaric-Jacob family who hosted her while she was on her research visit in Chicago, IL. Tanja was one of ASEF Junior Fellows who got to stay with a Slovenian familiy in the U.S.

ASEF and our Fellows would greatly appreciate your support and hospitality. By hosting our Fellows, you would make new connections and long-lasting relationships, as well as give Fellows a chance to get to know the Slovenian community abroad.

If you are willing to offer our Fellows the possibility to live with you, then please fill out the form below or contact us at

Thank you for your support!