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Sustainable Practices in Tourism: Živa Alif’s Research in Australia

December 18, 2023

Živa Alif, ASEF Junior Fellow 2023 from Slovenia, has just completed her visit in Brisbane, Australia. She visited professor Sara Dolnicar at the Business School, University of Queensland

Živa is a PhD student of Economics of Natural Resources at the University of Ljubljana, focusing on changing farmers’ behaviour to conserve farmland biodiversity. During her visit, she worked on increasing farmstay tourists’ sustainable behaviour, focusing on shorter showers and reducing air-conditioning use. Živa enjoyed learning more about testing psychological theories to induce changes in sustainable behaviour.

In her free time, Živa enjoyed exploring Brisbane and its surroundings and exploring asian cuising. She enjoyed swimming in the Sunshine coast, watched humpback whales on North Stradbroke and Moreton island and went bird-watching on Bribie island. She also had a chance to meet many interesting people from different backgrounds, learning about their cultures and countries.

The research visit was a fantastic experience for Živa and she learnt a lot both professionally and personally. Her research collaboration with the hosting research group will continue also after her return to Slovenia and will hopefully result in a scientific publication. Živa would like to thank Sara and her team for welcoming her so warmly, and ASEF for making this visit possible. 

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