Junior Fellows

Slovenia Has Been My Second Home So Far, But is Slowly Becoming the First

January 03, 2022

“Since I can remember, Slovenia has been present in our home. I was raised in Slovenian culture, so Slovenia has been my second home so far, but is slowly becoming the first. ” Micaela Resnik, ASEF Fellow from Argentina in an interview with Delo

Micaela Resnik came to Slovenia six months ago through the ASEF scholarship program. By participating in the program, she received material and mentoring support for creativity in her field and had the opportunity to get involved in social activities organized by ASEF. After completing the program, she also stayed in Slovenia and is currently working in the field of actuarial science. She says that after the first few months she is in love with Slovenia and admires its beauty and advantages. In the interview, she compared life in Slovenia with life in Argentina.