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ASEF Speaker Series Lecture by Dr. Mateja Šajna

April 16, 2021 | 6:00 pm | Online

Dr. Mateja Šajna is a Professor of Discrete Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Ottawa. As part of the ASEF Speaker Series, she gave a lecture, “Mathematical modelling with fuzzy cognitive maps: what do we learn from transitive closure?”.

Fuzzy cognitive maps are used in science, engineering, and the social sciences to represent a body of knowledge with a causal structure (be it scientific or traditional knowledge, or a personal view). The type of fuzzy cognitive map considered in this work consists of a number factors, and direct impacts between factors. Each direct impact is assigned a direction, sign (positive or negative), and weight, and is interpreted either as a direct causative/preventive or enhancing/diminishing relationship.

In this talk, Prof. Šajna described two mathematical models for the transitive closure of a fuzzy cognitive map: the fuzzy model and the probabilistic model. Both models can be used to determine the total impact (arising from all direct and indirect impacts) of each factor on every other factor. The result allows for comparison of different standpoints, and as a guide to decision-making processes.

The last part of the lecture was of a more applicative nature. Prof. Šajna presented applications in extremely interesting interdisciplinary studies where transitive closure was used as the main analytical tool.

The event was part of our ASEF Speaker Series program. The event was moderated by Gregor Žunič, ASEF Junior Fellow.