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Presenting of Slovenian Prose Fiction Within the World Canon

June 16, 2021 | 6:00 pm | Online

On Tuesday, June 15, Michael E. Biggins, Ph.D., Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington, who teaches Slovenian language and literature and Slavic to English literary translation, held a lecture on presenting Slovenian prose fiction within the world canon. By analyzing the currently proposed Anglo-Saxon world canon, Prof. Biggins shared his thoughts on how Slovenian authors could help find their space on the global level. He especially focused on the works of T. Šalamun, V. Bartol, F. Lipuš, B. Smolnikar, L. Kovačič, and K. Marinčič by briefly analyzing their literary styles and contextualizing their writing.

The event was part of our ASEF Speaker Series program and moderated by ASEF Junior Fellow Barbara Ikica.