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Nuša Dijak: Portraying Emotions Through Self-Portraits With the Help of Colors

July 18, 2023 | 7:00 pm | Zadružni dom Krajevne skupnosti Cven (Cven 3d, 9240 Ljutomer)

The American Slovenian Educational Foundation is organizing a popular science lecture on Tuesday, July 18, at 7 p.m. The lecture will be held by Nuša Dijak, ASEF Junior Fellow 2022 and a Master’s student at the Faculty of Education at the University of Ljubljana, who this year took part in an ASEF research visit to Deakin University in Victoria, Australia. The lecture, which will take place at the Zadružni dom Krajevne skupnosti Cven (Cven 3d, 9240 Ljutomer), is entitled “Portraying Emotions Through Self-Portraits With the Help of Colors”.


To attend the lecture, you must register by July 18, no later than 6 p.m.


The aim is to present the links between specific colors and their association with different emotions, in particular, the exploration of the expression of emotions through colouristic artistic creation, where the lecturer will create a series of self-portraits. She will focus on the basics and definition of color and explore its color dimensions. She will further explore the role of the senses and emotions in fine art, focusing on perception and perception of artworks and the role of emotions in art making. After understanding the basics, she will focus on the characteristics of individual colors and their symbolic meanings to help us understand the feelings that colors evoke in us and the symbolic role that colors have played in history. Finally, the results of the research will be presented, where primary school pupils created a self-portrait using the technique of crayons and/or felt-tip pens, depicting themselves in two parts in a happy state and in a sad state, taking into account their personal experience of colors.


Nuša Dijak is a Master’s student at the Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana, where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Art Pedagogy. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in Teaching – Art Pedagogy. During her studies, she participated in a 5-month Erasmus exchange at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal, and a 5-month Erasmus practical exchange in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Her research so far has been based on illusion in painting, where she has explored the creation of the illusion of three-dimensionality in painting and delved into the possibilities of practically showing the illusion of two-dimensionality on a three-dimensional object. Currently, she is focusing on her Master’s thesis, where she is exploring the use of color in art and its impact on the observer through the motif of the self-portrait.

As part of the ASEF Junior Fellowship programme, this year Nuša visited Prof. Dr. Kaja Antlej at Deakin University in Victoria, Australia, where she conducted ceramic workshops with Slovenian associations around Australia. She also photogrammetrized the products made during the workshops and will create a virtual exhibition of all the products made.


ASEF Young Minds is a series of popular science lectures, which encourages young people to present their research work and experience gained within the framework of the ASEF fellowship program in a way that is accessible and understandable to the general public. In the project, ASEF connects with local organizations that operate in the places where the lecturers come from. The aim of cooperation is to connect and integrate young learners into the local Slovenian environment.

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