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Luka Petravić, MD: Medical data reuse: a series of short stories

May 26, 2024 | 10:00 am |

The American Slovenian Educational Foundation, in collaboration with LokalPatriot Institute, is organizing a popular science lecture on Wednesday, May 22, at 5 p.m. The lecture will be held by Luka Petravić, MD, ASEF Junior Fellow 2023 and a young doctor who has passed the basic license exam and is about to choose a specialty. The lecture is entitled “Medical data reuse: a series of short stories” and will be held on the premise of LokalPatriot (Cesta talcev 7, 4000 Kranj).


To attend the lecture, please register by May 22, no later than 4 p.m.


Luka Petravić will present the work he did in Dr Luka Pocivavsek‘s laboratory in Chicago and his experience in the USA. He will also present some other interesting projects where they have been able to add value with data. The projects will be about cardiac arrests in Slovenia, visiting emergency rooms and primary healthcare in Slovenia.


Luka Petravić, MD, is a young doctor who has passed the basic license exam and is about to choose a specialty. He attended secondary school in Novo mesto and then studied medicine at the Medical Faculty of the University of Maribor. During his studies, he participated in various volunteer and research projects. He was awarded the Andrej Perlach Prize and the Dr Uroš Seljak Commendation. In 2023, he was selected as a Junior Fellow by ASEF and spent 10 weeks researching with vascular surgeon Dr Luka Pocivavsk at the University of Chicago. He is also interested in the digitalisation of healthcare, leading the SiOHCA project that piloted a cardiac arrest registry in Slovenia, participating in the eCREAM research project on the digitalisation of emergency rooms, and is a member of the Scientific Society Sledilnik, where he also sits on the board of directors and manages the portal, which was recently nominated for the SozialMarie Award for Social Innovation in Vienna.


ASEF Young Minds is a series of popular science lectures, which encourages young people to present their research work and experience gained within the framework of the ASEF fellowship program in a way that is accessible and understandable to the general public. In the project, ASEF connects with local organizations that operate in the places where the lecturers come from. The aim of cooperation is to connect and integrate young learners into the local Slovenian environment.

ASEF connects and unites Slovenian scientists and academics all over the world.


Through its regular cultural production, programs and projects, LokalPatriot brings together young people and other enthusiasts and creators from Novo mesto who want to shape or improve their personal development through their distinctive work and creativity, and at the same time contribute to the cultural, social, creative and academic growth of the Dolenjska region and beyond. Over the years, projects have been created that today represent creative production of a national character and qualitative changes in the cultural development of the city of Novo mesto. These include the international festival Jazzinty, the Simulaker Gallery, the Multimedia Center of Dolenjska, the international music festival Museum Gardens and the concert series Jazzinty Abonma. The promotion of creativity among young people is reflected in particular in projects such as the Photographic Experience, the Youth Creative Center – MUS and co-productions with other local and national partners, which also cover the fields of film, literature, visual arts and interdisciplinary, multimedia forms of contemporary art.

The project is supported by the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth and the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad.

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