Junior Fellows

Lara Snoj Researching Cancer Cells at Texas Tech University

December 12, 2023

Lara Snoj is a member of  2023 ASEF Fellow generation, who just finished her research visit at Texas Tech University (TTU), School of Veterinary Medicine. Her supervisor was ASEF mentor and professor dr. Klementina Fon Tacer, whose research interest covers fields of comparative cancer biology, biochemistry, molecular biology and germ line cell differentiation. Before going abroad, Lara graduated with a Master’s degree in Laboratory biomedicine, at School of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana.

During her summer internship, Lara worked on pancreatic cancer cells metabolism. She tried to figure out how different inhibitors of glycolysis affect the survival of aforementioned cells and if simultaneous expression of MAGE A6 protein makes them more resistant to the inhibition. MAGE proteins are known for helping the cells to adapt to stressful conditions, which also include inhibition of their metabolism. She presented the results to her colleagues at a lab meeting before heading back home. If her findings are confirmed, they will most likely be included in a publication that will be published in a scientific journal.

During her stay in America, Lara met a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends from all around the world. She was spending her time with them, when not working in the lab. Together they made a few weekend getaways to nearby cities like Dallas and Ruidoso, went hiking to national park Palo Duro or went camping to lake Meredith. They competed in a volleyball tournament, went to country music concerts, had picnics and fun together as well. Although Amarillo is considered a very small town for American standards, it was never boring there!

This research visit was an invaluable experience for Lara. Besides all the knowledge she acquired in a professional field, she also met a lot of new friends and learned how to be more independent, how to accept responsibility and found out what makes her truly happy. Lara is extremely grateful to ASEF for the opportunity and to Klementina for all her kindness, the best mentorship and warm welcome.

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