Institute ASEF and New University Published a Research Report

December 05, 2023

At the end of September, ASEF Institute and New University, Faculty of National and European Studies concluded their Research Project V7-2118. The central goal of the project was to investigate and shed light on the role and importance of the Slovenian diaspora in the United States of America and Canada as a key factor in Slovenian soft power.

As part of the project, the report Transatlantic cooperation and the diaspora as a soft power – the role and importance of educated people in the United States and Canada was published. The report will contribute to a better understanding of the development, scope and potential of Slovenian intellectuals, cultural workers and businessmen living in North America, especially those who emigrated after 1991.

In the introduction the researchers stated that they want to use it to open up a new perspective of transatlantic cooperation and shed light on the interest, possibilities and influence of the Slovenian diaspora in promoting Slovenia, representing its interests and strengthening its international presence and global visibility.

A collection of findings was created in addition to the report. You can read it by clicking on the button below. The collection contains 8 recommendations, which were created on the basis of the data analysis of the quantitative part of the research.

The project was led by dr. Marinka Žitnik, the collaborators on the project were dr. Gorazd Justinek, dr. Dejan Valentinčič, Barbara Zupan, Mark Anže Šuštar and Kaja Cunk.

The project was co-financed by the Slovenian Research Agency and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Institute ASEF Research project