Junior Fellows

Info Session for ASEF Junior Fellows of the 2024 generation

February 05, 2024

The American Slovenian Education Foundation has selected a new generation of ASEF Junior Fellows from Slovenia, who will gain research experience abroad in 2024.

This year’s generation of ASEF Junior Fellows consists of 18 exceptional individuals, who will take part in a 10-week research visit with Slovenian professors at prestigious foreign universities as part of the ASEF Research Abroad fellowship program. Junior Fellows of the 2024 generation will go on their research visit to the USA, Australia, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom, where they will conduct research under the leadership of 16 Slovenian mentors. They will also be involved in the ASEF Tutorial program, ASEF Young Minds and other ASEF activities as part of the fellowship program.

On Thursday, February 1, the first informational meeting of the new ASEF Junior Fellows generation took place. The meeting was led by Dr. Andrej Košmrlj, ASEF representative and associate professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University in the USA. Together with Jože Rožanec, an ASEF volunteer, and Kaja Cunk from the ASEF office, they introduced key information related to the planned research visits and collaboration within the ASEF community to the new generation.

The ASEF Junior Fellows of the 2024 generation will be revealed soon so stay tuned.

ASEF Junior Fellows Research visit