Get to know the ASEF Podcast guests [Episode 30]

April 23, 2024

The most recent episode of the ASEF Podcast hosts two new guests:

  • Žan Gojčič: a senior research scientist at Nvidia, with a research focus on 3D deep learning, weakly supervised learning, and domain adaptation.
  • Aljoša Osep: a senior research scientist at Nvidia, working on learning to understand the dynamic world from raw and unlabeled streams of sensory data.

The host of this episode is Tanja Janko, ASEF Junior Fellow Generation 2019 who spent her research abroad at Northwestern University in Chicago, studying neurodegenerative diseases.

On the podcast, the guests discuss computer vision, distinguishing it from computer graphics, and delve into the challenges of 3D computer vision. The guests also critically examine the current state of autonomous driving research and discuss deepfakes.

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