Get to know the ASEF Podcast guests [Episode 25]

March 01, 2024

The new episode of the ASEF Podcast hosts dr. Alenka Kolar, Director of the General Directorate for Digitalisation in Healthcare in Slovenia, Gašper Čehovin, Managing Director and Partner of Parsek, a company developing a multi-purpose platform for supporting integrated care aiming to reduce administrative burden in the healthcare sector significantly, and Federico Potočnik, dr. med., a physician specializing in infectious diseases and a graduate of the Stanford MSx Program

They were interviewed by David Turk,  ASEF Junior Fellow 2020 from the Visit Slovenia  ASEF Fellowship program. Together they explored the state of healthcare deliverance in Slovenia and discussed how public versus private healthcare models may pave the way for future healthcare deliverance. In absorbing three valuable perspectives in the transformation process, we gain insight into the numerous factors impacting healthcare transformation into the digital age. 

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