Get to know the ASEF Podcast guests [Episode 16]

January 24, 2023

The new episode of the ASEF Podcast hosts Marko Bitenc who is the founder and CEO of GenePlanet, one of the most prominent and innovative personal genetics companies, and Co-Founder of Universal Diagnostics, which is developing primary prevention methods for cancer through the use of blood tests. He is skilled in Bioinformatics, Life Sciences, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, and Business Development.

On the podcast he was interviewed by ASEF Junior Fellow Jakob Timotej Stojanov Konda. They discussed Marko’s entrepreneurial career and its incredible development. He shared his insights into the growth of his companies, the products they offer, and the motivation behind them. Throughout the episode we get to know his vision for the field of personal genetics and its increasingly tighter cooperation with clinical medicine in the future, as well as his thoughts on the potential for similar future life science companies in Slovenia.

Episode 16 is available to stream via this link.

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