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Frenk Dragar on Detection and Watermarking of AI-generated Content

May 26, 2024 | 8:33 am |

On Thursday, 28 March, ASEF Young Minds visited Celje for a popular science lecture co-organised with the Celje Students’ Club. The lecture was given by Frenk Dragar, ASEF Junior Fellow 2023, a graduate of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Ljubljana and a Master’s student in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Utrecht. 

The content of his lecture, in which he presented his research area, is best summarized by his words: “Detecting AI-generated content is becoming increasingly important, especially in the face of the proliferation of disinformation and misuse, which is becoming more and more frequent and overwhelmingly convincing. Watermarking this content is one possible way of tackling this problem – but it also has its advantages and disadvantages.”

The next popular science lecture in the ASEF Young Minds series will take place on May 22, at 5 p.m. on the premise of LokalPatriot (Cesta talcev 7, 4000 Kranj). This time, Luka Petravić, MD, ASEF Junior Fellow 2023 and a young doctor who has passed the basic license exam and is about to choose a specialty, will talk about interesting projects where they were able to add value with data in the field of medicine and his work in Dr. Luka Pocivavsek’s laboratory in Chicago.

The project is implemented with the support of the Office for Youth and the Office for Slovenians Abroad.

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