CTT-ASEF Introductory Workshop For ASEF Junior Fellows

March 23, 2022

The Tutoring Bring a New Perspective in the Field of teaching and education.

The 2021 ASEF Junior Fellows got involved in the ASEF Tutorial Program in September last year. Since then, monthly field-specific tutorial sessions and one roundtable have been held. On Wednesday, March 23, ASEF, jointly with the Centre for Tutorial Teaching (CTT), organized a special virtual workshop on tutorial practice for the Fellows.

In his welcome speech, Dr. Rok Sekirnik, ASEF Tutorial Program leader, stressed the importance of improving the tutorial method, which is also why ASEF established a collaboration with CTT this academic year. The idea is to learn from the best and adjust the method to the specific needs and Slovenian context of informal education.

At the event, ASEF Junior Fellows drew on their experiences of tutorials conducted in groups and reflected on them. The main points of discussion were:
– What is the purpose of the tutorial?
– What are the features of the tutorial method?
– What challenges would one encounter at the beginning of the program?
– What is the place of writing in the tutorial method?
– What makes an effective tutorial?
– How can tutorials benefit learning and research?

The team helping our Fellows to reflect on their previous practices were Prof. Ken Mayhew (Emeritus Professor of Education and Economic Performance at the University of Oxford, Emeritus Fellow in Economics at Pembroke College Oxford, and Extraordinary Professor of Education and Economic Performance at Maastricht University), Dr. Alex Mayhew (a programming solutions coordinator at CTT) and Roseanne Chantiluke (CEO of CTT).