Congratulations to ASEF Professor Maruša Bradač to Obtained ERC

April 26, 2022

ASEF Professor Maruša Bradač successfully obtained a prestigious European Research Fund (ERC) project worth 2.1 million euros to explore the first galaxies.

She told to STA: “This project answers the question of how the first galaxies were formed. It’s a very important part of the creation of the universe, it’s a very early universe that we know very little about.” Dr. Maruša Bradač, professor of physics at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, who until recently worked at the University of California, Davis in the USA, will explore the first galaxies and thus the beginnings of space as part of the Firstlight project. Her research team will use data from the new James Webb Space Telescope. With them, she will study the period of the Dark Ages, when the first galaxies ionized neutral hydrogen and changed the universe from impermeable to transparent to visible light.

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